MY LIFE IN 6 WORDS: Honor and remember our heroes ALWAYS.

July 4th marks the birth of American independence. Traditionally a time for family gatherings, barbeques and fireworks, let’s give a thought to those who fought…and continue to do so…for our independence and freedoms. Forever grateful… I created this piece in their honor .

This week, I participated in three online art challenges… for TAKE A WORD (takeaword.blogspot.com) the task was to include a castle in our art. Since it’s summer here, I was thinking “beach…”

For SUNDAY POSTCARD ART (sundaypostcardart.wordpress.com) NUMBERS was the game…

Finally, for DIGITALMANIA (https://www.flicker.com/groups/digitalmania,) Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky, the father of abstract art, was our inspiration. Here are a couple of his pieces…

…and here is mine. This was tough for me as my mind doesn’t work very well outside of reality…

That’s it for this week. Enjoy your July 4th.

Hope to see you soon. Stay safe.

Big Hugs, abbyj

Published by videochick1

I'm a wife, a Mom and a Doodleloo (the name my grandchildren call me.) I'm retired, but have always been a communicator, art and music lover, an adventure traveler, reader and lately, a digital artist. I was a TV producer of documentaries and features for 25 years. Married to my best friend, we just celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary. I had a blog on another platform for 10 years...want to be more mobile so switched to WordPress. Hope you'll join me in my magazine formatted blog. See you soon...

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  1. You’ve been busy, and the art is beautiful, each and every one. Happy 4rth weekend, Abby. Stay safe and be well!


  2. Lovely bunch of work. I love the weathered number card – thanks so much for playing this week!


  3. thanks for playing along with Sunday Postcard Art this week. your creation is fab


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