A quickie posting…from my online art group participation…THE THREE MUSES ( were interested in CLOUDS… The clouds gallop like mighty white horses across the fields of the sky …and at DIGITALMANIA, (, artist HEATHER GALLER was invited to be our inspiration. She’s known for her colorful, folk art style. Here’s one of her art pieces… […]


July 4th marks the birth of American independence. Traditionally a time for family gatherings, barbeques and fireworks, let’s give a thought to those who fought…and continue to do so…for our independence and freedoms. Forever grateful… I created this piece in their honor . This week, I participated in three online art challenges… for TAKE A […]

ARTFUL READERS CLUB “The Bear and the Nightingale” by Katherine Arden

THE BEAR and the NIGHTINGALE by Katherine Arden is a book I never thought I’d read. My “extended family” grandson, Alex, recommended it to me. (It’s part of the WINTERNIGHT TRILOGY.) A gorgeous Russian medieval fairy tale that blossoms slowly into a thoughtful, emotionally complex story, with witchcraft, magic and history, Arden weaves together a […]


This week SUNDAY POSTCARD ART ( has a gypsy soul…I can identify! We went to Romania specifically to see the Romani gypsies (or “travelers” as they’re called.) They’ve always been fascinating to me…their art, their very secretive culture, their stories and their way of life. We only saw a bit of their closed communities, but […]


Wheels and Silhouettes are the keywords for my art this week…challenge group TAKE A WORD ( was interested in wheels of any kind and THE THREE MUSES ( asked to see silhouettes. I combined both in my two pieces. Here they are… Again…short and sweet. Wishing you a joyful, healthy week ahead. Hoping to see […]


Anahata Katkin is an Alaskan-born, Atlanta based mixed media artist and business owner. She’s DIGITALMANIA’s “in-residence” artist for this week. ( Her art is varied and interesting. Here are a couple of her creations… …and here are my creations, inspired by Anahata… More and more, the world around us is blooming with the flowers of […]