ARTFUL READERS CLUB “WENCH” by Dolen Perkins-Valdez

Here’s MY cover for this book…different from the book’s real cover. THIS cover tells you, immediately, the theme and genre of “WENCH…” historical fiction about our pre-Civil War period…a period that history books cover only so far. It takes place, primarily, at an American resort in Ohio…a northern state where our protagonists, who are slaves, […]

Artist, Lee McKenna DIGITALMANIA

Australian artist LEE McKENNA loves to create collages. To her, they’re like found paper treasures embracing “imperfections of old, used , discarded and damaged papers…papers that depict moments in time, often bearing marks and traces of a past life and the human hand.” DIGITALMANIA ( art challenge group has introduced us to Lee…to inspire us […]

ARTFUL READERS CLUB “The Black Swan of Paris” by Karen Robards

“…A world at war. A beautiful young star. A mission no one expected.” Paris, 1944*** Internationally celebrated songstress, Genevieve Dumont, is both a star and a smokescreen. An active, though unwilling member of an underground French Resistance cell as well as a reluctant darling to the Nazis in occupied France, Mademoiselle Dumont’s position of privilege […]


Summer branches yawn breezes tickle my toes… snowfall sky ahead 🙂 I don’t know if THE THREE MUSES ( was thinking SUMMER when they called for artists to create a masculine themed piece of art, but I took it that way and ran with it. Hope you’re enjoying YOUR summer in safety and in good […]

ARTFUL READERS CLUB Review: “The Girls with No Names” by Serena Burdick

Historical Fiction at it’s best, THE GIRLS with NO NAMES by Serena Burdick creates a tapestry of New York City in the early 1900’s. It’s made up of immigrants and the tenements that were their homes on the mean streets of a burgeoning city, of the Romani (gypsies) who camped in the woods near the […]


Middle Ages doesn’t refer to my age, as I guess I’m considered elderly by today’s standards. I certainly don’t feel it!! It seems that SUNDAY POSTCARD ART ( has requested art with a Middle Ages or medieval theme. Since I’m in the process of creating a Middle Ages-themed deck of cards, this fits right into […]