MY LIFE IN 6 WORDS: Life is lived in many layers.

Layers…we all have them. Art can help to reveal those layers of our lives…to ourselves and to others. This week, THE THREE MUSES ( asked artists to create art with layers. I wonder if you’ve done any peeling away of those layers…examining them to determine who you are and what’s important to you during this sheltering at home time. I know I have! I pray for your continued good health…

As our world opens up, little by little, please continue to be aware of your surroundings and choose the safest environments for yourself and your loved ones. Let’s aim to keep our “layers” healthy…both mind and body.

Hope to see you for my next posting.

Much love, abbyj



Wildlife across the planet is stretching its legs, less inhibited from the hustle and bustle of humanity. Air pollution is plummeting in some of the most polluted cities around the globe. People are walking, biking, running, reading, talking with friends and family (even if it’s via FaceTime) while physically distancing…and attending virtual concerts, dinners and meetings. Most humans are proving their resiliency while dealing with the threat of COVID-19. Just wondering how much longer until we’re back to “normal…” whatever the new NORMAL will be. Hoping you and yours are doing well and will remain vigilant.

This week, TAKE A WORD challenge blog ( decided on the theme “STAYING HOME.” Here are my art pieces for this theme…

That’s it for now, dear ones. Be safe and enjoy a week of contentment peppered with joy.

Big Hugs until next posting,




This is an odd way to start a blog posting, I agree. But, the reason for the 6 words above is that I’ve just re-read UNCLE TOM’S CABIN by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Published in 1852, it had a profound effect on attitudes toward African Americans and slavery in the young United States. It’s actually believed to have helped lay the groundwork for the Civil War. I’ve read many slavery-related books, but this is THE AMERICAN CLASSIC. It gives real insight into all aspects of slavery. It inspired me to create two pieces of art for SUNDAY POSTCARD ART ( who declared their theme for this week to be…simply…ART! The first relates directly to slavery and the second is my nod to one of my favorite periods for the arts…an intellectual, social and artistic explosion…THE HARLEM RENAISSANCE period in New York City’s 1920’s. It was a true blossoming of African American culture…particularly the creative arts. Here, we heard the birth of JAZZ.

Choose joy, as our lives open up, bit by bit…but please continue to be safe and cautious. You’re precious to me.

Sending big hugs…Hope to see you for my next posting.

xoxox abbyj



Happy Memorial Day, one and all. Coming up on my birthday, although I wouldn’t mind passing it by. 🙂 Hope you’re still healthy and virus-free. Praying we’ll be back to normal (whatever that will look like) soon.

This week, at TAKE A WORD (, the challenge is to illustrate a favorite quote. I chose one from a 13th century Persian poet, Islamic scholar, theologian and Sufi mystic, RUMI.

Wishing you a safe, healthy week ahead…with lots of smiles and laughter!

Big Hugs, abbyj


MY LIFE IN 6 WORDS: Flowers, songbirds, green grass…spring happiness!

CATRIN WELZ-STEIN is this week’s inspiration for our challenging DIGITALMANIA group ( Originally a graphic artist, she started to create digital images by collaging old illustrations and photographs. Here are two samples of her art…

She’s a hard act to follow. Here are my attempts…

Moon Basketball
Fishing…and Sharing
Photographing Fireflies

That’s it for this week. Please continue to stay safe as we fight this pandemic TOGETHER!

Big Hugs, abbyj



It’s raining, 76 degrees and it SMELLS like spring rain. Take a breath!

This week, Flicker’s DIGITALMANIA ( declared mixed media artist, BRANDIE BUTCHER-ISLEY to be our inspiration. Here are a couple of her pieces of art…

…and here’s one of mine.

That’s it for now. Stay safe. I’ll be watching for you in future postings…

Big Hugs, abbyj


MY STORY IN 6 WORDS: A blizzard in mid-May…extraordinary!

STONE ANGELS…yes, the ones you see in some cemeteries, quietly…majestically watching over our beloved family and friends once they’ve returned to Mother Earth- that’s this week’s theme for TAKE A WORD ( My beautiful angel has been awaiting placement for quite a while…

Bloom where you’re planted?

THE THREE MUSES (,) thinking of a theme less spiritual than stone angels, declared ARCHITECTURE to be somehow included in our weekly creations…

This is based on the Italian city of MATERA…a subterranean city…a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. It’s one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and has some of the most basic architecture. Made up of cave upon cave on hillsides…some residents still live or have shops in those caves. We stayed in one when we were there. It was magical. Lots of steps walking up and down to get to any “center!!” Mel Gibson filmed THE PASSION of CHRIST here and we were there during the filming of MARY MAGDALENE. So inspirational when you think it’s been around since the 3rd century…
A more current example of architecture, but still dating back to the late 1200’s…the showpiece of our favorite Italian town of Orvieto. It’s spectacularly beautiful and is associated with two of the Popes of the 1200’s-1300’s. This is also for THE THREE MUSES’ ARCHITECTURE theme.

Have a healthy, cautious week…and keep reaching out to loved ones far and near. We are not alone in facing this tremendous threat to our universal well-being!

Big Hugs, abbyj


MY STORY IN 6 WORDS: Waiting for the world to begin…

Austrian digital artist, CHRISTIAN SCHLOE, is this week’s inspiration at art challenge group, DIGITALMANIA ( He combines painting, illustration and photography to create a genre of art somewhere between reality and imagination…a kind of dream world. Here are a couple of SCHLOE’s creations…

…and here are mine…

I Put a Spell on You
Touch the Sky

Wishing all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day…especially THIS Mother’s Day, that presents so many new challenges for us. Thank you for all you do, Moms! Hoping you can make it to the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Stay safe.

Much love and many hugs, abbyj


MY STORY IN 6 WORDS: I wonder when ‘lockdown” will end.

Hello, dear ones. I hope you’re not cleaning footprints off your walls as we all become more anxious for that feeling of freedom! I guess the key for Michael and me is keeping busy… doing things we enjoy. How are you passing your time?

My art challenge groups are as busy and demanding as ever…sometimes requiring me to stretch out of my comfort zone as I create. I’m realizing that most of my art is reality-based, so when I’m presented with a theme that requires a more whimsical approach, it’s difficult for my mind to work that way! I try, though, in the hopes that my mind and art will expand their boundaries.

DIGITALMANIA, ( is a perfect example of my aforementioned problem THIS WEEK. Our “artist-in-residence” is SUZANNE SBARGE, a contemporary artist who likes to depict hybrid characters and creatures, exploring the place of animals in the human imagination. She works with current, extinct and imagined animals and fauna in a surreal manner. Here are a couple of HER creations…

and here are a couple of mine…

For SUNDAY POSTCARD ART ( this week, the theme was an ancient one…to create art with an EGYPTIAN flavor.

…and for next week, SUNDAY POSTCARD ART’s theme is BUILDINGS. I worked a bit ahead…

I worked a bit ahead on this one, too… THE THREE MUSES ( asked us to use MONA LISA in our art…I really enjoyed this one!!

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe…we still have a ways to go.

Big Hugs, abbyj