Artist, Lee McKenna DIGITALMANIA

Australian artist LEE McKENNA loves to create collages. To her, they’re like found paper treasures embracing “imperfections of old, used , discarded and damaged papers…papers that depict moments in time, often bearing marks and traces of a past life and the human hand.” DIGITALMANIA ( art challenge group has introduced us to Lee…to inspire us […]

ARTFUL READERS CLUB “The Black Swan of Paris” by Karen Robards

“…A world at war. A beautiful young star. A mission no one expected.” Paris, 1944*** Internationally celebrated songstress, Genevieve Dumont, is both a star and a smokescreen. An active, though unwilling member of an underground French Resistance cell as well as a reluctant darling to the Nazis in occupied France, Mademoiselle Dumont’s position of privilege […]


Summer branches yawn breezes tickle my toes… snowfall sky ahead 🙂 I don’t know if THE THREE MUSES ( was thinking SUMMER when they called for artists to create a masculine themed piece of art, but I took it that way and ran with it. Hope you’re enjoying YOUR summer in safety and in good […]

ARTFUL READERS CLUB Review: “The Girls with No Names” by Serena Burdick

Historical Fiction at it’s best, THE GIRLS with NO NAMES by Serena Burdick creates a tapestry of New York City in the early 1900’s. It’s made up of immigrants and the tenements that were their homes on the mean streets of a burgeoning city, of the Romani (gypsies) who camped in the woods near the […]


Middle Ages doesn’t refer to my age, as I guess I’m considered elderly by today’s standards. I certainly don’t feel it!! It seems that SUNDAY POSTCARD ART ( has requested art with a Middle Ages or medieval theme. Since I’m in the process of creating a Middle Ages-themed deck of cards, this fits right into […]


A quickie posting…from my online art group participation…THE THREE MUSES ( were interested in CLOUDS… The clouds gallop like mighty white horses across the fields of the sky …and at DIGITALMANIA, (, artist HEATHER GALLER was invited to be our inspiration. She’s known for her colorful, folk art style. Here’s one of her art pieces… […]


July 4th marks the birth of American independence. Traditionally a time for family gatherings, barbeques and fireworks, let’s give a thought to those who fought…and continue to do so…for our independence and freedoms. Forever grateful… I created this piece in their honor . This week, I participated in three online art challenges… for TAKE A […]