After soooo many years of seeing photos and hearing about my dear indigenous Ethiopian families and friends from Nairobi, Kenya, Michelle and I made the loooong trek to meet and spend time with them all.

Walla, Dido and family
Buno’s AMA, her husband Shanko and family
Michelle with Buno and her oldest daughter, AMA,
Buno, Mark and AMA’s children
Buno’s daughter, Mimi, with her new son, Marco
Steve Turner, “my prince,” whom his wife so willingly shares with me and who takes care of me as though I’m his mother…in addition, he plans the most wonderful “trips of a lifetime” and they get better each year. He’s the owner and Managing Director of https://originsafaris.com out of Nairobi, Kenya. After 20 years, I still love traveling with him and often, he and his wife. They’re family to me…and now, to Michelle.

Other sights traveling on the Omo River…an extension of the Nile…

Shortly after a pride of lions killed a zebra and had had their first feasting on their kill, the vultures had their turn. You can see one vulture stuck his neck in the neck of the dead zebra to feed…and came out all bloodied.

Climbing up “Pride Rock” (if you saw THE LION KING) was a major task. It was a surprise for us so I didn’t wear the proper climbing shoes (not that I could have climbed such a huge granite rock without help even with the right shoes.) The view from on top was spectacular and the local Maasai people came to entertain us. It was a marvelous surprise and an incredible encounter!! Their dancing and singing were very special! They started singing to us from the bottom of the rock, then climbed up to be with us. (It was easier for them than for us!!) 😁
To see extra photos from each block, check out my Facebook account… under Abby Lazar

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