JOSH GROBAN “Bridges” the generation gap…

Lights dim! Musicians onstage…at the ready! The screams and applause of welcome begin as Josh Groban takes the stage… From his latest album, “BRIDGES,” he opens with a song of fear, frustration…and hope…”Bigger Than Us!” The crowd goes wild!!! This gracious operatic pop singer, (songwriter and actor) appealed to all ages making up his audience. […]

ORVIETO, UMBRIA (ITALY)…and Beyond May 2019

What’s amazing about Umbria is that it doesn’t have big cities to contend with. Situated between raging metropolises like Rome and Florence, it’s the green heart of Italy…peaceful and beautiful with its rolling topography. Boasting postage stamp towns and villages…some on hilltops, some not…with lots of ancient history, picture-worthy scenery and people simply living their […]