My 10 MOST Exciting Travel Moments

Sunset and the plane

Sandwiched between cloud layers…

Orange, up and down

Traveling is one of the best ways to enhance personal growth and broaden your horizons. It enables you to do things different from your routine activities. When you travel, you step out of your comfort zone to a different environment that urges you become more responsible and gives you a sense of independence. You become a more compassionate person. You view different lifestyles, customs, food, scenery…develop an appreciation for the recent and ancient past… and meet people like you as well as those very different from you, all with a like heart. We all want the same things in life, no matter where our journeys may take us and who we happen to meet along the way.

I’ve documented (with my photos) some of my most thrilling moments encountered in my travels…for me to remember and cherish as well as to inspire you…


First encounter with a lowland gorilla in the Central African Republic…mesmerizing to be almost close enough to touch!
Coming upon a herd of female elephants with babies in Botswana, Africa, as they charged us with stomping and trumpeting to keep us away…
Sichuan Province, Peoples’ Republic of China… first one on one encounter with a giant panda…so sweet and friendly. This was in Wolong, where they have a breeding center, so the pandas were used to human contact.
Hunting with the Bushmen (San people) in Namibia, Africa…smoking out giant porcupines for food. Porcupine skin tastes like crispy bacon…delicious!!! The Bushmen hunt with bows and arrows.
Visiting with Antarctica’s Gentoo penguins as we walk the icy continent of the frozen South Pole. They’re such entertaining creatures…
Spotting a magnificent Bengal tiger in the wild in Bandhavgarh… India. This is my most favorite animal (along with the elephant…) and seeing them in the wild was a most electrifying gift!
Impressive views of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) near the Arctic Circle took my breath away…literally and figuratively!
One of my MOST THRILLING travel moments EVER…ANYWHERE… was when, on a mammoth stretch of barren field, I suddenly spotted some dust in the air then a man galloping on his horse, holding his golden eagle high up in the air…my first sighting of one of the famous eagle hunters of Mongolia. He was on his way to the Golden Eagle Festival.
A trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to see a small population of our closest genetic cousins, the BONOBOS, in the wild and on a reserve…another thrilling moment, and one of very few who have seen these apes in their natural environment… they’re isolated and can only be seen in this part of Africa. These endangered great apes closely resemble chimpanzees. but are more peaceful and friendly towards each other. It was compelling and rather remarkable to see so many of our own characteristics reflected in their actions and expressions.
Visiting with the Suri people in Ethiopia…wildly artistic people who were very friendly and generous. Thrilling…because they appeared to be so different from me, but in talking with them, (through an interpreter,) finding that there are more similarities than differences…one heart!!

Real contentment is

Getting lost around the world

Then finding YOURSELF.

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