MY LIFE IN 6 WORDS: Indigenous people of the world decreasing…

In view of the historically, unspeakably tragic depopulation of our First Nation men, women and children that unfolded after 1492, the survival of Indigenous people is truly extraordinary and speaks loudly to their strengths and innate knowledge of the land and meaning of community. However, even today the legacy of invasion, conquest, inhumanity and colonialism continues to exact a terrible human toll. This is what’s recently been discovered in Canada…

Sadly, this abuse and inhumane genocide continues to happen throughout the world…as well as in these United States. It’s very difficult to imagine, as these people, some dear friends of mine, are hanging on to their traditions and cultural ways for dear life, lest they lose who they are…who they’re meant to be and all they can teach the rest of the world of their proven, effective pathways. They’re soldiers…each and every one of them. But it would be wonderful if we all could just live our lives, side by side with one another…in community, welcoming one another with open arms and hearts, ready to share and exchange knowledge that will help our 7th generation grow and prosper. I pray this will come to pass…as the alternative is too terrifying to contemplate!


Published by videochick1

I'm a wife, a Mom and a Doodleloo (the name my grandchildren call me.) I'm retired, but have always been a communicator, art and music lover, an adventure traveler, reader and lately, a digital artist. I was a TV producer of documentaries and features for 25 years. Married to my best friend, we just celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary. I had a blog on another platform for 10 years...want to be more mobile so switched to WordPress. Hope you'll join me in my magazine formatted blog. See you soon...

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